Aug 9, 2011

"This time it was for my own family..."

Almost a decade ago, I worked in a skilled nursing facility as the social services director.  I assisted my patients in their discharge process.  When a patient was not able to return to their private residence due to needing more care, I referred them to Karen Rowell and California ElderCare.  Karen took care of locating the appropriate level of care for my patient within their own specific demographic needs.  When making a referral for one of my patient's I knew that Karen was very capable and knowledgeable in the unique needs of seniors.

Years later I found myself contacting Karen again only this time it was for my own family.  My father was relocating from a residential care home in the San Francisco Area to San Diego County.  When I spoke with Karen after so many years, she greeted me warmly and I knew that she would help me find the best placement for my Dad.  Initially I was undecided about the type of placement that would be best for my Dad and Karen provided me with all of his options.  Karen took the time to find out what his needs were and she had just worked with another family recently that had a family member suffering from the same type of aggressive dementia. 

My family is extremely pleased with the residential care home that Karen found for my Dad.  She was always available to me when I had a question or needed to talk out a situation.  I recommended her professionally years ago and I would personally recommend her to you and your family. 


Elizabeth Kaewpalug

June  2011