Jun 21, 2011

Another Chapter...

Dear Karen,

A month ago my life seemed to have instantly turned upside down. My father was moving to California from Michigan and I knew it would be permanent. Unfortunately my home was not big enough to accommodate my father and I have three children who need my attention. I felt overwhelmed and stressed. I wanted the best for my father and for his life to be pleasant. After searching the net I was fortunate to have been referred to you. You instantly calmed a tearful daughter and gave me immediate recommendations for assisted living facilities and other needs. You returned and answered phone calls and questions with speed and knowledge.

My father is comfortably living 3 miles away in a caring environment. I am able to visit him regularly and know that he is well taken care of when I am not available. I have peace of mind and my life is now getting back to normal with the added bonus of my father and my children’s grandfather in our life.

Thank you for your assistance and being so understanding and caring. I will keep in contact and feel comfortable to call you if I have any other questions or needs for my father.

Thank you again!


Julie Perez