CA ElderCare is . . .

  • A professional service addressing the relocation needs of seniors.
  • Our database includes housing options now covering ALL of California.
  • Doctors, social workers, case managers and discharge planners recommend us.
  • We only refer to personally evaluated and rated licensed homes.
  • We can arrange tours and if you like, even tour with you, leaving the driving to us.
  • Because schedules and needs vary, we can be available to help you 6 days a week.

What we will do for you . . .

Step 1: After we gather needed information about the health, personality, financial and location needs of you or your loved one, we can then determine and provide you with your best relocation options suited for your unique situation.  Everyone is different and just because a place has an empty bed, doesn’t mean that’s the right place for you.  We care and will guide you to the right choices immediately.  

Step 2: After information is gathered, we’ll discuss your best options and immediately prepare your list of suitable communities or homes. We strive to help you get it right the first time and not be going through another move in another year.  It’s hard on you and it’s hard on your loved one.

Step 3: When the choice is made, we assist in finalizing all the details.  Remember, we’re working for you and will do whatever we can to make the moving process as easy on you as possible. 

After placement . . .

A follow-up visit or call is made after placement to ensure complete satisfaction.

At CA ElderCare, we take pride in our knowledge of working with seniors for over 20 years and sensitivity is always given to each situation.  Our job is to make sure you and your loved one have all the right information to make the right decision.


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