Case Management


Case Management  identifies, initiates, and monitors needed services, usually when a senior may be living alone at home.  These services are utilized by families with children of their own or children who work and are worried they are not providing the support needed for their parent.  Case Management is also a good source of peace of mind for family members who live out-of-town.  

Each situation is different and services can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Intervention can take place anytime to assess the wellbeing of seniors alone.  An assessment often prevents a family crisis. Should a crisis occur, a Case Manager can give emergency support as needed.
  • Individualized plan of care
  • Coordination of health care needs
  • Medication monitoring and reminders
  • Post hospital discharge transition care
  • Home safety recommendations
  • Gentle behavior modification as needed


A few years ago Karen Rowell saved my sanity. My Mother lived by herself (her insistence) and thought she was self sufficient. Mind you, I cooked all her meals, a neighbor took her everywhere, and I saw her every day, all while working full time. My brother, out of state and who at most visited every year, was in charge of her affairs. From this state, she declined very quickly, was in denial and would not listen to me. Neither would her son. At the end of my rope, I asked Karen do an assessment. My brother finally listened, and Karen was placed in charge of my Mother’s living arrangements. She took care of everything. I cannot recommend Karen Rowell highly enough!  She knows what's she's doing and she cares.  My Mother even loved her for moving her, I don't know how Karen did it.

Deborah Adamos, San Diego, CA  August 2011

If you would like more information on our Case Management Service, indicate on our online assessment or call us toll free at *866.461.6555* To complete our online assessment click here.